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Hello! We are a newly open online boutique! We hope people who browse through our site are always able to find what they want. We always welcome any comments ya. :)

How to buy?
here's how -

# First, email to us the item's name and colour to

# We will reply you asap to confirm your order.

# Payment method is bank transfer.

# We will post out the items upon the receipt of bank transfer.

# Please be noted that items are non-refundable.

(Tuesday, 10 April 2012 / 11:34 am)

Clearance SALES!!!!

Hi !! Currently TEEdle Needles is doing a clearance sales with up to 20%
discount on all the dresses, skirts and pants plus free postage!!!

 As for blouses, we decided
to apply RM30 for all the blouses!!

Hurry up and grab it now!!! 

(Sunday, 27 November 2011 / 6:18 pm)


TEEdle NEEdles would like to take this opportunity to thanks

Fashion Clicks

A Shopaholicsden

Fashion Online Malaysia

Diary Addictions

for featuring and linking us!! :) Millions of gratitudes !

Thanks and Regards,
TEEdle NEEdles.

( / 12:30 pm)

COD in Kota Damansara

Helooo Girls,
We are able to offer cash on delivery in Kota Damansara upon buying confirmation by Mon (28 Nov, 2011) 8am. We can do COD in Johor Bahru, but only occasionally in center region :) so take this opportunity to know us, people from Klang Valley.

TEEdle Needles. 


(Friday, 18 November 2011 / 10:27 pm)

Batch 1

Bored of your repeating lifestyle? Let's add some colours to it :))


A.1 - Satin Plain Blouse - RM 45 
Colours-yellow greenish/green/pink/blue(Reserve) /dark orange (Reserve)
Size - Free size  

 A.2 - Short Pants with the belt - RM 55
    Colours - Grey/Electro Blue

A.1 Colours

A.2 Colour & Details



 B.1- Ruffle Sleeve Blouse - RM 55
   Colours - Pink/Blue/Green/Black/Orange/White
Size- Free Size
B.2 - Short pants (Dress look-alike) - RM 55
Colours - Light blue / Red
 Size - Size s /W-26' , L- 15'
   (Rubber at the back)

B.1 Details & Colours

B.2 Details & Colours


C.1 - Sleeveless Blouse - RM45
Colours - Purple/Green/Brown/Maroon
Size- Free size

C.1 Details & Colours



D.1 - Casual/Working Blouse - RM42
Colours - White/Orange/ Turquise/ Blue/Pink/Yellow
Size- Free size

D.2 Bow Fitted Skirt - RM60
Colours - Mustard/Black
Size - M / W-28'  L-16'

D.2 Detalis & Colours

D.1 Details & Colours


E.- Sleeveless Plain Dress - RM 70
Colours - Blue/Black/Fuschia
Size - Length-32'


F - 3/4 sleeve Plain Dress - RM 70
Colours- Orange Melon/ Black
Size - Length-31'


G-Sleeveless Plain Dress with Belt - RM 70
Colours - Dark Orange/ Blue/ Black
Size- Length-30'


H.- Curvy Working Attire - RM70
Colours- Green/ Fuschia
Size - Length-30'

( / 10:12 pm)

-New opening-

Helooo Girls,
We are TEEdle needles, a brand new online shopping boutique!
Hope our new site is able to attract your attention! We will
 upload our new batch very soon. Any enquiries are most
 welcome to drop us an email !!